Friday, January 13, 2012

Thaumatrope How To

Thaumatropes were popular toys in the Victorian era. We had a lot of fun making some and I wanted to share them. But I wanted to share it in my own camera shy illustrator way.

You will need:
  • Thaumatrope template
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • String
  • Decorating stuff (paint, crayons, glitter, etc.)

 You can download the template by right clicking the image above.
  1. Print the template onto card stock or heavy paper
  2. Cut out the circles
  3. Punch holes
  4. Decorate
  5. Glue the blank sides together, making sure to note the tops on the templates and line up the holes
  6. Add a string to either side
  7. Twirl
You can view the online exhibit of optical toys here.

A special thanks to Suzanne.

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  1. Fantastic. Can't wait for the next foggy day to make one. Great work.

  2. Nice how-to video and story. Thanks to technology, the quote at the end: "Project NOT guaranteed for hours of entertainment for the modern child" is so true. Too bad that is the case.