Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snap Wrap Kimono Style Dress Part 2

After a brief regrouping from constructing the dress, I started drawing. I thought flowers would be nice, and then cherry blossoms. I got stuck on cherry blossoms pretty quickly.

I've never used fabric paint before, but it was on sale and I am a complete sucker for a sale. Also the images of cherry blossoms I liked the most were painted ones, so it worked. Now, cherry blossoms are one of the more forgiving things anybody can draw. They are easy to recreate - simplicity and beauty, what more could I ask for?

The idea of decorating the dress was to draw attention away from my sewing mishaps.

I only used 2 colors (pink and black) of fabric paint to keep it simple, and kept the pictures I liked close by for reference.

First I squirted the paint directly from the bottle in some lines - some longer lines and then a few shorter lines.

The brush lines appealed to me more than the squirted lines, so I used a paint brush to smooth them down. That's just my preference, and isn't necessary for nice cherry blossoms.

Then I put pink dots at the end of each branch. That's it. Lines and dots. Some of the dots got smushed together to make flower shapes.

And the end result? Well my model went on strike so it was not the end.

I had a chance to look at the whole thing, often trouble.  I added some darker pink acrylic, which probably won't last through washing. And then...

I cut several small circles of tulle, which I snapped up at one point to make a tutu - whenever she gets into tutus. I layered three circles and sewed them together to add to the blossoms

And ta da!

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