Friday, January 13, 2012

Homemade Holiday

This year I tried to make some gifts. Simple things.

Z likes dolls, dolls of all sorts and sizes and shapes. So I looked at about 10,000 different styles and patterns and somehow morphed them into these two. There is one sitting in my drawer that Adrian refers to as an alien autopsy, so there were a few mishaps along the way.

I recycled some of Z's baby clothes for the dolls, which made me feel better because I'd made the clothes and some things she wore once.

This bubble wrap necklace was for Z's big sister who respects a well recycled item.

I made the odd goldfish out of felt for Z's stocking inspired by an episode of Kipper the Dog. It was quickly adopted by the cat and everybody is happy.

By far, my favorite thing I made for her this holiday season was this.

All Z wanted from Santa was another teddy bear. She said it over and over, and we let her because we already had the teddy bear ready, so it was cute and not annoying.

I had some teddy bear print fabric which I thought would make a great addition to this theme of a teddy bear Christmas. This dress was inspired by Me Sew Crazy's fishtail skirt post which I was crazy about from the moment I saw it. The bears are the lining of the skirt and I added some gold stars and a little teddy bear charm at the neck. The rain boots were her idea and proved to be essential as she found a great big puddle that needed splashing.

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