About Me

I am Adrienne, mom to Z and then some.

In addition to sewing sweet/strange things from recycled materials, I do some graphic design and illustration (portfolio). Together with Z's dad, Adrian (the first A), I made Rainboot Cove an online educational series for kids.

On Friday mornings I help run an art co-op for the local pre-preschool crowd where we cover things with paint and glitter and have fun.

I mention this place a lot because it is wonderful to me. SCRAP (www.scrap-sf.org) is run by the San Francisco Unified School District and they accept all sorts of donations from tiles and paper to fabric and bad print runs. The last time I visited, they had a bunch of tubes that were made for shampoo but never filled. I really tried to think of stuff to do with those - like squirt paint.

Contact: adrienne.doherty AT gmail DOT com