Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crafting for Therapy

This has been an odd-ful time. Adrian has been working a lot at night or out of town, so I'm full-time, no-break mom. Z has been very fussy and slightly sick. I have been cranky. It has not been all Skittles and unicorns at Chateau Us. Clearly what we needed was more crafting. Actually, I just decided to throw myself into some new projects to get out of my own grumpiness.

One of the moms taught a lesson in crochet this weekend. I'm so excited about learning and have visions of amazing Amigurumi animals everywhere ...

... once I get past the terrible mess phase. Being left handed doesn't help, though it doesn't hurt either. It just explains the hook placement. Working with yarn is entirely new to me, which is challenging and good. But I keep wanting to make terrible happy hooking jokes now.
I am also fully impressed that our teacher thinks we can make this little guy from our one lesson. It's that sort of optimism that I need.

I finally made this skirt from Crafterhours, which I have wanted to make for Z for-ev-er. I wanted to make it because it is all about having big wonderful pockets. I used to lament my lack of pockets when I wore the sort of clothes that don't (office clothes). It is my hope she stuffs her pockets full of stuff. I imagine that hope wears off once the creepy junk starts going in there.

I set the goal of doing some real live drawing from my real live model without thinking that she doesn't sit still for more than 15 seconds at a time. So it turned into some gesture drawing until she fell asleep.

And to round out the crafting for therapy, I made brownies! Because, if not chocolate, something (anything?) sweet will always soothe the savage beast.

And now back to my usual grind:

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