Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Co-op - Suns, Clouds and Colored Rice

Every Friday morning during the school year, I help run an art co-op for the local kids  (that are under five) for our mothers club. We have a fairly good regular group of pre-preschool age children that attend.

The projects are simple. I like to choose things that are messy because we have this space (surplus school property that has become an art center). Some weeks we have a great turnout, and sometimes it is sunny so only a few families show up. The kids and moms all seem to have fun and I love doing it.

Practice with lacing or sewing

The mothers club started this long before I joined and I do not know why it is called a co-op versus any other name. It is done on a volunteer basis - perhaps that makes it a co-op. I just know that I started taking Z when she was about 10 months old because she needed to get out of the house and it was always rainy or foggy. We both loved it, so I volunteered the next term.

Colored rice to make pictures with or just toss around

She got over it. She still likes running around, but has little interest in the projects. I love the projects and thinking about what to do each week (above colored rice from Momtastic). I make the play dough and have tried several recipes - currently we're using this one from Tinkerlab. Now I sometimes feel we go for me more than her. 

Or we both end up outside anyway.

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