Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curse You Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot to answer for. 

First, there is the absurd notion that anybody at all looks good in neon skinny jeans. Every morning I see some poor woman sausaged into a pair - a giant day-glow advertisement of her ass.

Pictured: mint - same idea

Even the model is hiding her face.

And while I hope never to see another tutorial on ombre nail polish or imaginary wedding planned by a married friend, the thing that really makes me nauseous are these:

The "meaningful quote" images.

 The "this is so true" crap made all the more smarmy by ridiculous font choices.

Seriously? Am I supposed to light my neighbor on fire to get stuff done? Really, what am I supposed to do with that?

No I didn't miss the idea that passion can drive a person to do great and powerful things. It is just stupid to me to post a picture of it. If you have passion,you can and will act on it. If you do not, this will not create it.

I admit to loving to gaze at Pinterest and having learned a number of interesting things there. None of them were set in a Deeply Profound font or stylized with pretty edges. But face it, was right:

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